If you are looking for land for sale in North Central Wisconsin / greater Wausau area, you are in the right place!  Lots for sale in the Stettin Ridge Subdivision might be just what you are looking for.  Located just to the north west of Wausau, we are close to the Town of Maine, Marathon City, Rib Mountain, and Edgar just to name a few. Come see the best view in the area at and then come visit us to truly appreciate the views Stettin Ridge Subdivision has to offer!  You cannot easily find acreage for sale as unique as this.

Stettin Ridge Residential Subdivision offers the finest residential lots for sale on the west side of Wausau!  We are proud to offer a place to build your dream home in the safe and quality neighborhood of the Town of Stettin.  Located just west of County Road O on County road U, Stettin Ridge is in a desirable community and has fourteen home sites with commanding views of Marathon County!  The protective covenants and subdivision layout have all been created to increase the enjoyment and investment value of your home. The development includes a substantial outer perimeter of the development to preserve the wonderful views and surrounding lands. Located just seconds west of the intersection of County Road O and County road U, you are just minutes away from any destination in the area.  Stettin Ridge also offers the best of both worlds...Wausau schools offered at the lower Town of Stettin property tax rate.  Come see why we are proud to offer the finest place to live in the area!  If you are looking for the perfect parcel of land to build, come visit us at Stettin Ridge!

Location location location. Whether you are trying to balance being close to family, work, fun or friends, Stettin Ridge is close to many municipalities in North Central Wisconsin.  Below is a convenient list of approximate distances from many municipalities in the area.  For a map of Stettin Ridge's location please click here.


Location Miles from Stettin Ridge
Town of Stettin - (Stettin WI)                -  
Town of Rib Falls - (Rib Falls WI)             7.5
City of Wausau - (Wausau WI)             8.6
Town of Wausau - (Wausau WI)             8.6
Town of Berlin - (Berlin WI)             8.7

Town of Maine - (Maine WI)

Village of Brokaw - (Brokaw WI)             9.6
Town of Marathon - (Marathon WI)           10.9
Town of Cassel - (Cassel WI)           11.9
Town of Hamburg - (Hamburg WI)           12.5
Town of Rib Mountain - (Rib Mountain WI)           12.8
Village of Marathon - (Marathon WI)           12.9
Village of Edgar - (Edgar WI)           13.4
Town of Texas - (Texas WI)           15.1
Village of Rothschild - (Rothschild WI)           15.3
City of Schofield - (Schofield WI)           15.4
Village of Weston - (Weston WI)           17.4
Town of Weston - (Weston WI)           17.4
Town of Rietbrock - (Rietbrock WI)           17.7
Town of Wien - (Wien WI)           18.1
Town of Halsey - (Halsey WI)           19.0
Town of Emmet - (Emmet WI)           19.2
Village of Fenwood - (Fenwood WI)           21.0
City of Mosinee - (Mosinee WI)           21.4
Town of Mosinee - (Mosinee WI)           21.4
Town of Easton - (Easton WI)           21.6
Village of Kronenwetter - (Kronenwetter WI)           23.3
Town of Kronenwetter- (Kronenwetter WI)           23.3
Town of Frankfort - (Frankfort WI)           23.6
Town of Ringle - (Ringle WI)           23.9
Village of Athens - (Athens WI)           24.1
Town of Bern - (Bern WI)           24.9
Town of Green Valley - (Green Valley WI)           24.9
Town of Hewitt - (Hewitt WI)           25.2
Town of Knowlton - (Knowlton WI)           25.7
Town of Reid - (Reid WI)           26.7
Town of Bergen - (Bergen WI)           26.8
Town of Cleveland - (Cleveland WI)           26.9
Town of Plover - (Plover WI)           27.0
Town of Johnson - (Johnson WI)           27.1
Village of Hatley - (Hatley WI)           27.7
Village of Stratford - (Stratford WI)           27.8
Town of Holton - (Holton WI)           27.8
Town of Hull - (Hull WI)           29.3
Town of Eau Pleine - (Eau Pleine WI)           30.3
City of Abbotsford - (Abbotsford WI)           30.7
Town of Day - (Day WI)           30.7
Town of Harrison - (Harrison WI)           30.8
Town of Bevent - (Bevent WI)           31.1
City of Colby - (Colby WI)           31.7
Town of Guenther - (Guenther WI)           33.4
Town of Norrie - (Norrie WI)           34.9
Village of Dorchester - (Dorchester WI)           35.7
Village of Unity - (Unity WI)           35.8
Town of McMillan - (McMillan WI)           36.6
Village of Elderon - (Elderon WI)           36.8
Town of Elderon - (Elderon WI)           36.8
Town of Brighton - (Brighton WI)           37.5
Village of Birnamwood - (Birnamwood WI)           38.5
City of Marshfield - (Marshfield WI)           38.9
Village of Spencer - (Spencer WI)           42.4
Town of Spencer - (Spencer WI)           42.4
Town of Franzen - (Franzen WI)           44.2

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